Your Babys First Year
Chapter 1 - Your Newborn

Congratulations on Your New Baby!
Newborn Health Screening
What a Healthy Newborn Looks Like
Newborn Reflexes
Your Baby Depends on You for Checkups
A Special Word to Fathers
The Baby Blues
Your Baby Should Sleep on Her Back
Breast Milk Is Best for Your Baby
Breastfeeding Is Natural
Tips on Bottle Feeding
Checkups and Shots
What’s It Like To Be a Newborn?
Changing Baby’s Diaper
Keep a Memory Book
Install Car Seats Carefully
Wonders of the Brain
Guide Your Baby Every Day
Babies Have People Skills, Too
Learning to Communicate
Babies Cry for Lots of Reasons
Ways to Soothe Your Baby
Preparing Your Baby’s Bath
Bathing Your Baby
Be Gentle When Bathing Your Baby
Information Resources for Families
This Book Is Large, this is ony Chapter One, and it has 13 Chapters: